ShellCalc© V4.12

** NOTE – Version 5 is now available – click here

A new version of the Shellcalc© program is now available.  The original paper describing the program is available here.

** PLEASE NOTE **  We have occasional reports that downloading the file using IE 8 results in a file with a “.zip” extension rather than “.xlsm”.  Please rename the file and it should open correctly in Excel.  Do not try and extract the individual files within the zip file.

Revision History

4.1.2 – July 2010

Allowed devices to be fired above ground level – for modelling firing from structures
Revised the initial velocities for shells to give more accurate modelling
Changed design and added larger graphics
Changed to Excel Macro-enabled format

3.2 – June 2005

Incorporated shell burst diameters
Incorporated optional allowance for shell barrelling/tumbling

3.1 – June 2003

Original version

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