ShellCalc© Version 5

We have developed a new version of ShellCalc© with some new features

  • Ability to set launch height below ground level (useful for firing in valleys)
  • Ability to set shell burst diameter to override ShellCalc© defaults
  • ** NEW in v5.16 ** Ability to set “Standard” Shell Burst Height
  • Shells now explicitly include Bombettes (for single shot devices)
  • Optional calculation and display of “normal” debris paths and distances – eg shell case fragments
  • Optional calculation and display of “long burning” debris paths and distances – eg Kamuro stars
  • Rationalised data input screens
  • Large scale data plots – for printing or screen grab/insertion into reports etc
  • Help TAB
  • TAB including windspeed conversion table

We have also changed the program somewhat

  • We have removed the Imperial/Metric option (temporarily) as most users do not use it
  • Removal of macros – to print use normal Excel functions
  • Consequent removal of buttons – change tabs using normal Excel features

The changes and models behind them will be documented in a paper shortly.

The next major version of ShellCalc© (version 6) is planned to contain the following features.  We’d be happy to hear your views on these.  It is also likely that the next version will be a charged for download – we will always keep the previous version free for download.

  • Incorporation of Standardised parameters from European Standard of Cat 4 fireworks.  Eg the ability to enter Standard Shell Burst Height and allow this to override ShellCalc© default calculations
  • User entered data for Mortar Parameters (to calculate effect on burst height etc)
  • Calculations for Aqua Shells
  • Calculations for Mines
  • Further development of “normal” and “long burning” fallout models
  • Further development of data entry and output screens

Changelog for V5 (please note downloading the file will download the latest version)

v5.1.4 – original version
v5.1.5 – minor bug fixes
v5.1.6 – ability to set “Standard” Shell Burst Height
v5.17 – fixed scale graphs for export purposes
v 5.18 – Corrected bug for large size shell burst height 
v5.23 – Updated fallout infromation etc  (see also

Very occasionally users have reported that the xlsx file is downloaded with a zip extension.  If this happens just rename the file extension to xlsx and all should be fine!  If you still experience problems opening the file ensure that you have a recent (post 2007) version of Excel installed – or download the Microsoft compatibility pack here.

Download Shellcalc 5.23

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3 thoughts on “ShellCalc© Version 5

  1. Dear Dr. Tom Smith,

    I am excited to learn of the coming of ShellCalc© (version 6), which includes the calculations for Mines. The earlier versions are free for download, and I have purchased the paper by John Harradine and Tom Smith in order to get a better understanding of the program. If version 6 is to be charged for download, please consider incorporating documentation together with the program for download, and I am quite sure that users would not mind paying for it.

    Thank you

    Your sincerely,
    PANG Lok Sing

  2. Was just wondering how you can use these parameters if at all, for shot tubes in varying calibres of cakes to be able to predict fallout from cake placements given that they tend to have smaller lengths of tubes from which to project effects ??



  3. We are about to publish (in the next few days) a new paper with more details of the use of Shellcalc. It is applicable to shot tubes/cakes – you’ll see its use in the paper.

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