Editorial Policy

Articles accepted for publication in the Journal of Pyrotechnics can be on any technical subject in pyrotechnics. However, a strong preference will be given to articles reporting on research (conducted by professional or serious individual experimenters) and to review articles (either at an advanced or tutorial level). Both long and short articles will be gladly accepted. Also, responsible letters commenting on past Journal articles will be published along with responses by the authors.

Publication Frequency

The Journal of Pyrotechnics is now essentially an online publication – we pubish articles as soon as they have been reviewd and revised if necessary,  It is possible we will produce periodic hard copy digests dependent on demand.

Back issues – Printed Copy

Back issues of the Journal will be kept in print permanently as reference material. In addition electronic copies will be available from this site.


The experimentation with, and the use of, pyrotechnic materials can be dangerous and may require licences or permits in certain countries; it is felt to be important for the reader to be duly cautioned. Without the proper training and experience no one should ever experiment with or use pyrotechnic materials. Also, the amount of information presented in this Journal is not a substitute for necessary training and experience, nor does it remove the relevant application of national or local laws and regulations.

A major effort has been undertaken to review all articles for correctness. However it is possible that errors remain. It is the responsibility of the reader to verify any information herein before applying that information in situations where death, injury or property damage could result.


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Instructions for Authors

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