Copper in Pyrotechnics

Georg Steinhauser, Karina Tarantik and Thomas M. Klapötke

Abstract: Copper compounds play a key role in the development of “greener” pyrotechnics by substitution of noxious barium compounds from green colored effects. The application of many copper(ii) compounds in pyrotechnics is limited because of their noble and often hygroscopic character. We have investigated nitratocuprates(ii) as well as basic copper(ii) nitrate as potential combined oxidizers and (green) coloring agents. A formulation based on ammonium nitratocuprate(ii) nitrate and boron has promising properties for civilian fireworks. Copper-based high-nitrogen compounds show good flame colors as pure compounds. However, the implementation of ready-for-use pyrotechnics from these substances proved to be much more challenging. A promising candidate for civil pyrotechnic applications would be a mixture based on copper(ii) nitrate pentahemihydrate and 5-aminotetrazole. Keywords: cuprates, pyrotechnics, fireworks, green color, pollution

Keywords: cuprates, pyrotechnics, fireworks, green color, pollution

Ref: JPyro, Issue 27, 2008, pp3-13

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