Thermal properties of the barium nitrate – metallic fuel (aluminum, magnesium and magnalium) systems

Yuriy Verbovytskyy

Abstract: This study utilized X-ray diffraction to characterize the phase composition of the product obtained by the oxidation and combustion of aluminum, magnesium, and magnalium powders, as well as their stoichiometric mixtures with barium nitrate. Magnesium is a highly reactive metal, readily burning and oxidizing both as a pure powder and when mixed with barium nitrate. In contrast, even powdered aluminum exhibits greater resistance to oxidation. The observation of a two-stage oxidation behavior in both magnalium and its barium nitrate mixture sheds light on the potentially complex combustion mechanisms at play in strobe pyrotechnics. Stoichiometric Ba(NO3)2/AlMg exhibits poor ignitability, unstable combustion, and self-extinguishing tendencies. Catalysts, like bismuth oxide, significantly alter these burning characteristics.

Ref: JPyro 2024 (1-21)

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