Electrical Firing of Musically Choreographed Aerial Fireworks Displays

1.0 Introduction: There are a number of reasons why one might be reluctant to consider abandoning traditional show firing methods in favor of performing electrically fired shows, especially those choreographed to a musical program. One reason is the perceived high cost of performing such shows. Other reasons might be a lack of detailed knowledge about performing such displays or the lack of a full appreciation of the benefits to be gained. It is the purpose of this paper to present detailed information concerning the staging of electrically fired aerial displays choreographed to music. However, in the process we hope to show how high initial costs can be offset in a relatively short time by increased profit. Also we hope it will become clearer that there are other benefits to be gained.

Ref: Selected Pyrotechnic Publication of K.L. and B.J Kosanke, Part 1, (1981-1989), pp 51-78

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