Detection of Underwater Blasting Using Electrical Noise

ABSTRACT: We conducted a small-scale experiment on soil simulating underwater blasting and studied the shape of waves as well as properties of electrical noises generated during blasting. From these noise waves, we wanted to detect any failure in initiation of the charge or blasting conditions, etc. It was observed that the main source of noise is the residual electricity in the exploder; the shape of noise waves is typical of blasting conditions of the charge. It enables us to detect blasting failure, or blasting of detonator touching the water, or detonation of charge, etc. from these noise waveforms. It was also confirmed that this method of detection can also be applied in double-hole or multi-hole blasting which follows stage explosion.

Ref: Selected Pyrotechnic Publication of Dr. Takeo Shimizu, Part 2,  pp 59-68

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