Development and Qualification Testing of Pyro-cartridge for Signal Cartridge Applications

Bhupesh A. Parate

Abstract: This research work describes the development and qualification aspects of a pyro-cartridge device for signalling cartridge applications in an emergency, as required by military aircraft. Rapid and effective burning of illuminating composition plays a crucial role in military applications. For initiation of illuminating cartridge, a pyro-cartridge is used. A pyro-cartridge consists of energetic materials (EM), such as lead styphnate, and releases the energy by rapid a chemical reaction process. It releases the energy instantaneously so that striker from pyro-cartridge can then initiate the signalling cartridge. This signalling cartridge provides pre-coded signals with four different colours (Red, Green, Yellow and White) fitted in the dispenser of an aircraft system. The most important part of this work is to develop a pyro-cartridge and qualify its testing to ignite the composition of signalling cartridges through various design qualification tests, such as drop test and sealing test. The functional tests of signal cartridges using pyro-cartridge at hot and cold temperature is observed successfully. The electrical parameters such as all fire current, no fire current, ignition delay, determination of energy and power of squib are also covered in this research article.

Keywords: All fire current; bridge wire; Bruceton staircase; cartridge; ignition delay; no fire current; pyro- qualification; signalling cartridge; squib; testing


Ref: JPyro 2020 (11-21)

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