Protocol for the full quantitative analysis of flash compositions

F. Lederle, J. C. Namyslo and E. G. Huebner

Abstract. This paper describes a protocol for the full quantitative analysis of a flash composition. The protocol is based on the separation of the components by basic laboratory handling procedures as a first step. Subsequently, modern and routinely available instrumental analytics are used to quantitatively analyse the components. The protocol may easily be adapted to other pyrotechnic compositions such as whistle formulations or coloured star compositions. The method described here unequivocally allows the control of pyrotechnic mixtures for the absence of highly sensitive chemical combinations. The application of the protocol is demonstrated by the analysis of a flash composition which showed an unusual combustion behaviour. An unexpectedly large amount of silica has been identified to cause the observed properties.


Ref: JPyro, Issue 35, 2016/17, pp9-14 (J35-9)

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