Towards the New Pyrotechnics Directive 2013/29/EU – an Impact Assessment

Christian Lohrer and Jörg Dengel

Abstract: With the coming into force of the new European Directive 2013/29/EU (Official Journal of the European Union L 178/27; 28.6.2013) pyrotechnic articles are regulated in view of making them available on the Union market. This Directive is a recast of the current Directive 2007/23/EC (Official Journal of the European Union L 154/1; 14.6.2007) regarding the placing on the market of pyrotechnic articles and will replace it entirely by July 1st, 2015. In comparison with the current Directive, the complexity and level of detail are increased in the recast version. Furthermore, a variety of new requirements are implemented, which influence the activities of the economic operators and notified bodies. This contribution describes the relevant changes from the viewpoint of the notified body Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), and gives an impact assessment of the new requirements and corresponding suggestions for solutions to problems. The illustrated reforms are not all-embracing, but reflect the most important decisions and consequences.


Ref: JPyro, Issue 34, 2015, pp13-19 (J34-13)

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