Shellcalc© – 10 years on. A review of progress and application

Tom Smith

Abstract: Shellcalc© was originally developed by John Harradine and published by him and the author of this paper in the Journal of Pyrotechnics. Shellcalc© has been significantly developed since its original publication and now provides a wide range of simulations. The program has been used to model potential hazards from firework comets and shells in a variety of very high profile events around the world by the author and others, in order to place constraints on types that may be used under a variety of conditions. The development of the program is discussed and examples of its use are illustrated.

Keywords: Shellcalc©, shells, comets, trajectory, fall-out, debris

Ref: JPyro, Issue 32, 2013, pp3-22 (J32_3)

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