Quality Control Testing Of Pyrotechnic Articles For The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Andrew Tang

Abstract: Firework displays are commonly used to celebrate special events. They have been used in Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies for years. During the 29th Olympic Games – Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, fi rework displays were therefore used as part of the program. Due to the Chinese traditional culture and the demands of the location, the technical director demanded special requirements of all pyrotechnic articles. A working committee of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremony had been created to develop the main four fi rework display shows that were part of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. To ensure all pyrotechnic articles performed safely and as intended, technical guidance was developed for the control of all pyrotechnics used in the event. It specifi ed the terms, product type, product classifi cation, safety quality requirements, testing methods and acceptance criteria for testing and inspection of pyrotechnic articles
used in the 29th Olympic Games. The technical document was used for the fi rst time and referred to many GB Standards (Guo Biao Standards – China National Standards). This paper describes the requirements and control programs for all pyrotechnic articles from design, manufacturing, transportation and usage.

Ref: JPyro, Issue 29, 2010, pp47-53

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