ESI for JPyro, 26, 2007, p24

Ignition and Combustion of Aluminium in High Explosives

Attached are three SEM-images of the aluminium powder used in the study at different resolutions

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2 thoughts on “ESI for JPyro, 26, 2007, p24

  1. I am interested in hybrid rocket propulsion – I need something about aluminum particles combustion…

  2. I am level two cert with TRA in high power rocketry We use AP compund. As in the space shuttle solid boosters. However I also love pyrotechnics. And I am new to this site. I would really apreciate any helping me find some interesting reading material or any information regarding 50/50 mix of mag/AL or otherwise known of course as magnalium. I am very interested in any test data about the plusses of having such a mix versus say German dark Al 5413HS Etc.. Thanks Mike the Chemist.

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