Ignition And Burning Rate Characteristics Of Pyrolant Black Powder

Takuo Kuwahara

Abstract: Composite propellants contain binder as fuel which connects oxidizer particles and metals. The burning rate of a propellant is affected by the concentration and type of binder. Pyrolant is mixed with oxidizer particles and metal particles. Pyrolant does not contain binder, so burns smoothly. The burning rate of black powder (BP) which is a kind of pyrolant is higher than that of AP composite propellant. The shorter the reaction time in the gas phase near the burning surface of black powder becomes, the higher the burning rate becomes. The burning rate of BP is inversely proportional to the ignition delay time.

Keywords: Black powder, pyrolant, ignition delay time, burning rate

Ref: JPyro, Issue 26, 2007, pp47-52

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