Color Values and Spectra of the Principal Emitters in Colored Flames

W. Meyerriecks* and K. L. Kosanke

ABSTRACT: The emission spectra of many of the more important emitters in pyrotechnic flames were collected. For this purpose solutions and suspensions of sodium, potassium, calcium, strontium, barium and copper salts were aspirated into a propane gas flame as the excitation source. Performing instrument corrections and using appropriate data reduction strategies allowed the isolation of the individual spectra. Among these are the monochlorides and monohydroxides of strontium, calcium, barium and copper. The CIE color coordinates of the principal emitters were calculated from the isolated spectra. In addition, a table of normalized band and line intensities was produced for each of the successfully isolated emitting species.

Keywords: flame spectra, flame color, color emitter, color coordinate, monochloride, monohydroxide, barium, calcium, copper, strontium

Ref: Selected Pyrotechnic Publication of K.L. and B.J Kosanke, Part 7, (2003-2004), pp 52-74

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