Sticky Match and Quick Match: Temperature Dependent Burn Times

K. L. and B. J. Kosanke

ABSTRACT: Sticky Match® is an expedient and reportedly effective type of fuse, especially useful in fusing lance set pieces. However, some users have mentioned an apparent tendency for the fuse to burn noticeably slower at low temperatures. The authors conducted a brief investigation of Sticky Match burn rate as a function of temperature. The study was conducted over a temperature range from approximately –30 to +40 °C (–20 to 100 °F).

In what is likely to be its normal method of application, it was found that at the lowest temperature Sticky Match burn rate fell to as little at 1/3 that at the highest temperature. Using a slightly different method of application, it was found that its burn rate was even more strongly affected at both extremes of temperature. In a third and substantially different method of application, it was found that Sticky Match was essentially unaffected by temperature, but always burned rather slowly.

As a comparison to Sticky Match’s temperature performance, the study also characterized the effect of temperature on the burn rate of conventional quick match. In two configurations, similar to those used for Sticky Match, it was found that the burn rate of quick match was virtually unaffected by temperature.

Ref: Selected Pyrotechnic Publication of K.L. and B.J Kosanke, Part 5, (1998-2000), pp 92-96

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