Evaluation of Fire and Explosion Hazards for a Non-Azide Gas Generant

Kazuo Hara, Mitsuhiro Kanazawa, and Tadao Yoshida

ABSTRACT: A hazard evaluation has been carried out for the safety assessment of a new non-azide gas generant for automotive airbag inflators. The gas generant (UN) is composed of urazole (U) and a metal nitrate (MNO3;N) with other additives included to provide the required performance. The impact, shock, friction, electric spark, hot object and heat sensitivities were determined by the appropriate tests.  Propagations of detonation, deflagration and combustion were examined using the United Nations gap test and VP 30 tube test. A mixture of urazole with KClO4 in a stoichiometric ratio propagated detonation as measured by the gap test and self-sustaining combustion as measured by the tube test. The mixture of urazole with KNO3 propagated combustion, but no detonation.

Keywords: airbag, gas generant, urazole, hazard evaluation, test methods

Ref: JPyro, Issue 4, 1996, pp15-24

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