Measurement of the Effectiveness of Various Mitigation Methods at Reducing the Projectile Hazards from Fragmenting Steel Firework Mortar Tubes

S. G. Myatt and M. R. Edwards

ABSTRACT: Firework maroon shells were exploded inside mild steel spiral wound mortar tubes with various mitigation systems in place. It was found that the number of fragments was substantially reduced when the tube was prevented from expanding freely by sandbags or by burial of the tube in sand. For mitigation systems that allowed free expansion of the tube, the number of fragments was similar to that produced when no mitigation was employed. Mitigation systems should extend to the top of the tube to prevent fragments from hitting spectators or operators at displays.

Keywords: firework, mortar tube, safety, fragment, mitigation, steel, sandbag

Ref: JPyro, Issue 10, 1999, pp37-44

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