Studies of the Thermal Stability and Sensitiveness of Sulfur/Chlorate Mixtures Part 3. The Effects of Stoichiometry, Particle Size and Added Materials

D. Chapman, R. K. Wharton, J. E. Fletcher & A. E. Webb

ABSTRACT: The effects of stoichiometry and particle size on the thermal stability and sensitiveness of sulfur/chlorate mixtures have been investigated. Mixtures containing small particles and approximately 5% sulfur were shown to be the least thermally stable. Sulfur/chlorate mixtures containing a third component have also been investigated and compositions with up to 70% added material gave similar low ignition temperatures to mixtures of the two components. All compositions containing sulfur/chlorate were found to be friction sensitive and had limiting loads below the 80 N UN transport criterion. When iron was the third component, the compositions were also impact sensitive, with Limiting Impact Energies below the 2 J UN transport criterion.

Keywords: chlorate, sulfur, sensitiveness, thermal stability, ignition temperature

Ref: JPyro, Issue 11, 2000, pp16-24

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