An Introduction to PROPEP, A Propellant Evaluation Program for Personal Computers

Edwin D. Brown

ABSTRACT: Propellant evaluation programs are used to estimate the performance of rocket propellants, to compare the performance of different propellants, and to evaluate the effects of formulation changes. While the program output may not be exact, it compares well with experimental results. Their major weakness lies in the accuracy and completeness of the underlying thermochemical database used for calculations. These programs are potentially useful for the evaluation of nonrocket chemical equilibrium. This article provides a guide to installing, testing and using PROPEP, a propellant evaluation program available in the public domain. Some basic knowledge of computer terminology, chemistry, etc. is required.

Keywords: chemical equilibrium, PEP, propellant, rocket, thermodynamics, evaluation

Ref: JPyro, Issue 1, 1995, pp 11-18

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