Evaluation of the Hazards Posed by High Energy Bangers Part 1. Noise, Overpressure and TNT Equivalence

R. K. Wharton, D. Chapman and A. E. Jeffcock

ABSTRACT: The work reported in this paper was undertaken to determine the hazards posed by certain types of European bangers (firecrackers) that use flash composition. Experiments were done to evaluate the overpressures and noise levels close to such fireworks when they function. The results indicate that powerful flashbangers could cause hearing damage to those in their immediate vicinity. The TNT equivalences derived from overpressure for the barium nitrate and potassium perchlorate flashbangers tested were found to be 25 and 57%, respectively.

Keywords: noise, overpressure, TNT equivalence, flash composition, bangers, firecrackers

Ref: JPyro, Issue 15, 2002, pp1-8

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