Particle Size Effect in Pyrotechnic Compositions Containing Potassium Chlorate

M. Fathollahi, S. G. Hosseini, S. M. Pourmortazavi, and F. Farahani

ABSTRACT: In this research, the effect of potassium chlorate particle size on the heat of reaction and the ignition temperature was studied. Potassium chlorate of known particle size was prepared by crystallizing saturated solutions of potassium chlorate at various cooling rates and then isolating crystals of the desired particle size by sieving. The heat of reaction was measured using a bomb calorimeter. The ignition temperature was determined by thermal analysis. The results indicate the heat of reaction increases non-linearly as the particle size decreases. The maximum change, however, was only about 4%. The experimental results indicate that 100 to 250 microns is the best range of particle sizes for potassium chlorate intended for use in pyrotechnic compositions for vaporizing organic materials.

Keywords: potassium chlorate, particle size, heat of reaction, ignition temperature

Ref: JPyro, Issue 18, 2003, pp63-66

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