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Style Guide

The Journal of Pyrotechnics has adopted the ACS Style Guide [ISBN 0-8412-3462-0]. It is not necessary that authors have a copy; however, a copy can be ordered through a local bookstore.

Subject Areas

Fireworks, Pyrotechnic Special Effects, Propellants, Rocketry and Civilian Pyrotechnics

Manner of Submission

Submissions should be made directly to the Managing Editor at the address at the bottom of this page preferably by email. Upon receipt of an article, we will send an acknowledgment and the draft paper will be sent to referees. For specific requests regarding referees etc. please include a note with this information.

The Journal is currently typeset using Adobe InDesign CS2, which allows for the import of several text formats. Graphics can also be accepted in several formats but in general we prefer vector formats such as Adobe Illustrator (AI) or as 600dpi TIFFs or Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Please also inform us if any materials need to be returned to the author.

General Writing Style

The first time a symbol is used, it is preferable to write it out in full to define it [e.g., heat of reaction (ΔHr) or potassium nitrate (KNO3)]. Avoid slang, jargon, and contractions.  Use the active voice whenever possible.  The use of third person is preferred; however, first person is acceptable where it helps keep the meaning clear.


In addition to the authors’ names, please include an affiliation for each author and an address and preferably email address for at least the corresponding author.

A short abstract is needed. (Note: An abstract is a brief summary of the article, not a listing of areas to be addressed.). Please also submit 3 to 7 keywords to be used in a reference database. Multi-word names and phrases constitute only one keyword (e.g., potassium nitrate and heat of reaction are each one keyword).

Use of SI units is preferred. If Imperial units are used, please provide conversions to SI units.

Figures and Tables are numbered consecutively. For graphs, we may request “raw” X–Y data. Please submit greyscale figures wherever possible and, ifpossible,f possible, please supply the text and each graphic as separate files. Coloured figures will be converted to greyscale for publication – please bear this in mind when producing figures especially when plotting complex graphs. It is intended that the original coloured images will be made available in the electronic form of the Journal.

References cited in the text should be given by number (i.e., “Smith1 states”; or “the research2,3 shows …”). In the reference section, they will be ordered by usage and not alphabetically. A full citation, including author, title of book or journal, publisher for books, year, volume and pages for journals, etc. should be provided.


1 A. E. Smith, Pyrotechnic Book of Chemistry, XYZ Publishers, Location of Publishers, 1993, [pp. nn–nn (optional)].
2 A. E. Smith and R. R. Jones, “An Important Pyrotechnic Article”, Pyrotechnic Periodical, Vol. 22, No. 3, 1994, pp. n–n.


The Journal of Pyrotechnics is refereed. However, the editing style is friendly, and the author makes the final decision regarding what editing suggestions are accepted.


The Journal of Pyrotechnics is a reviewed journal, and manuscripts are sent to referees for comments prior to acceptance, editing and publication.  If you have any particular referee which you wish to be considered or excluded please inform us with the submission of your paper.  We have recently streamlined our refereeing procedure, and hope to publish papers within 8 weeks of receipt.

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