5th Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanisms, held October 6th 2007 in Beane, France

Ernst-Christian Kocha and Rutger Webbb

For the fifth time the “Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanisms” was held and organized in conjunction with the International Pyrotechnics Seminar. This time it was the 34th IPS Seminar in conjunction with EUROPYRO 2007, in Beaune, France.

This workshop had a total of 21 participants, of which 4 were from France, 4 from Germany, 4 from USA, 3 from the UK, 2 from The Netherlands, 1 from South Africa, 1 from Japan, 1 from Russia, and 1 from Finland.

This event received very positive feedback from both participants and presenters. Papers based on the following presentations have already, or are expected to be published elsewhere.

• Volker Weiser, Fraunhofer ICT, Germany, Modeling Spectral Emission and Radiation Intensity of Pyrotechnic Reactions

• Alexander Dologoborodov, Semenov Institute Moscow, Russia, Mechanoactivated Energetic Composites on the Base of Metal – Oxidizer Mixtures

• Selena Burn, BAE Systems, UK, Personal Protective Equipment

The next workshop on pyrotechnic combustion mechanisms will be held on July 13 2008 in Fort Collins Colorado in conjunction to the 35th International Pyrotechnics Seminar. The topics then will focus on safety and sensitivity of pyrotechnics. For further information on that event please refer to www.pyroworkshop.net

Ref: JPyro, Issue 26, 2007, pp23-23

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