Japanese Shell Break Radii

(Derived from data provided by Dr. T. Shimizu, private communication)

The National Fire Protection Association, Technical Committee on Pyrotechnics is in the process of revising NFPA-1123, Code for the Outdoor Display of Fireworks (formerly called Public Display of Fireworks). In preparation for considering the appropriate separation distances between spectators and mortar placements and between spectators and fall-out areas, it seemed that it would be helpful to know how great the break radius was for hard-breaking spherical shells. Thus an attempt was made to collect that data. It was also felt that the data would be of general interest to the pyro-community; it was in that belief that this article was prepared.

Ref: Selected Pyrotechnic Publication of K.L. and B.J Kosanke, Part 1, (1981-1989), pp 104-105

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