WARNING: Serious Product Malfunction

K. L. Kosanke

In 2003 a fireworks display company experienced two serious malfunctions of a product. The items were 5-inch White Tiger Tail shells under the brand name of Flower Basket (See Figure 1). These shells are spherical in shape and at the time were thought to be solid masses of comet composition, without a shell or other component inside the comet composition. The items were received in January of 2003. Forty of the comets were fired in a display. Two of these comets exploded with great violence within their HDPE mortars as they were being fired, destroying both the mortars and the wooden racks holding the mortars. (While there were no injuries in this instance, given the apparent power of the explosions, that certainly was a possibility.)

Ref: Selected Pyrotechnic Publication of K.L. and B.J Kosanke, Part 7, (2003-2004), pp 39-40

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