Pyrotechnic Fuse Burn Rates

K.L. and B.J. Kosanke

Over the years, we have had occasion to work with a fairly large number of different fuse products. One of the more important characteristics of a pyrotechnic fuse is its burn rate, but often that is not specified by the supplier. Thus, when we have had a large enough supply of a type of fuse to make an accurate determination, we measured its burn rate. To do this, three pieces of fuse, 36 inches in length were prepared. Then, using a stopwatch, the time taken to burn each piece of fuse was measured, and the average determined. For future reference, these values were recorded, along with burn times (in seconds per inch) and burn rates (in inches per second). We had not given the matter much further thought, until, following a lecture on the “Identification of Pyrotechnic Devices,” we received a number of requests for that information. Unfortunately, the data was scattered throughout several notebooks, and not in a form ready for distribution. In order to fulfill our promise for the data, we compiled the table following. With the thought that there might be others wishing the same data, this brief article was prepared.

Ref: Selected Pyrotechnic Publication of K.L. and B.J Kosanke, Part 2, (1990-1992), pp 34-36

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