Preface to Three Reviews of Pyrotechnics – A P Hardt

A P Hardt

Reviews by B. E. Douda, S. D. Poehlein & S. K. Wilharm and B. Sturman

On occasion, when a book to be reviewed has special significance, we have included more than one reviewer’s comments about it. In the present case we are including three reviews by authors with differing backgrounds, and thus viewing the book from differing perspectives. The first short review was written by one of the persons participating in the publication of the book, and for that reason he thought it inappropriate for him to write a detailed technical review. The second short review was written by a pair of authors relatively new to the field of military pyrotechnics. The third review was written as a more complete technical review of the book. Generally, as a courtesy, book reviews to be published in the Journal of Pyrotechnics are sent to the author, with an offer to publish any comments or response they wish to make. In this case, since the primary author is deceased, the reviews comments were received from a representative of the book’s publisher, permission was not granted for those comments to be published.

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Ref: JPyro, Issue 18, 2003, pp66-74

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