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ShellCalc© Version 5

We have developed a new version of ShellCalc© with some new features
  • Ability to set launch height below ground level (useful for firing in valleys)
  • Ability to set shell burst diameter to override ShellCalc© defaults
  • ** NEW in v5.16 ** Ability to set “Standard” Shell Burst Height
  • Shells now explicitly include Bombettes (for single shot devices)
  • Optional calculation and display of “normal” debris paths and distances – eg shell case fragments
  • Optional calculation and display of “long burning” debris paths and distances – eg Kamuro stars
  • Rationalised data input screens
  • Large scale data plots – for printing or screen grab/insertion into reports etc
  • Help TAB
  • TAB including windspeed conversion table

We have also changed the program somewhat

  • We have removed the Imperial/Metric option (temporarily) as most users do not use it
  • Removal of macros – to print use normal Excel functions
  • Consequent removal of buttons – change tabs using normal Excel features

The changes and models behind them will be documented in a paper shortly.

The next major version of ShellCalc© (version 6) is planned to contain the following features.  We’d be happy to hear your views on these.  It is also likely that the next version will be a charged for download – we will always keep the previous version free for download.

  • Incorporation of Standardised parameters from European Standard of Cat 4 fireworks.  Eg the ability to enter Standard Shell Burst Height and allow this to override ShellCalc© default calculations
  • User entered data for Mortar Parameters (to calculate effect on burst height etc)
  • Calculations for Aqua Shells
  • Calculations for Mines
  • Further development of “normal” and “long burning” fallout models
  • Further development of data entry and output screens

Changelog for V5 (please note downloading the file will download the latest version)

v5.1.4 – original version
v5.1.5 – minor bug fixes
v5.1.6 – ability to set “Standard” Shell Burst Height
v5.17 – fixed scale graphs for export purposes
v 5.18 – Corrected bug for large size shell burst height 
v5.23 – Updated fallout infromation etc  (see also

Very occasionally users have reported that the xlsx file is downloaded with a zip extension.  If this happens just rename the file extension to xlsx and all should be fine!  If you still experience problems opening the file ensure that you have a recent (post 2007) version of Excel installed – or download the Microsoft compatibility pack here.

Download Shellcalc 5.23