Ballistics of a No. 3 Spherical Shell with Illuminant

Dayu Ding, Y. Ooki, M. Higaki and T. Yoshida

Abstract: Shot experiments were carried out using a No. 3 spherical shell with an illuminant. The three dimensional trajectory of the flying shell was obtained by tracing the shell with two high-speed video cameras in different orientations and by analyzing the recorded video picture. The 3DSTAR1 computer code was developed for calculating the three dimensional trajectory of a flying shell with high accuracy. The optimal drag coefficient, wind speed and wind direction were estimated using the 3DSTAR1 code by fitting the calculated trajectory to the experimental one for a No. 3 shell.

Keywords: ballistics, no. 3 shell, trajectory

Ref: JPyro, Issue 23, 2006, pp30-38

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