Review of: Bombs and Bombings,

A Handbook to Protection, Security, Detection, Disposal, and Investigation for Industry, Police, and Fire Departments, Third Edition.

Reviewed by: Megan Bottegal, BS. and Bruce McCord, PhD.

This book is an overview of the vast and personal experience Captain Thomas Brodie has accumulated in twenty-four years as a founder of the Miami Bomb squad and supervisor of its crime scene unit. Over the course of his career, Captain Brodie investigated approximately 350 bombings and assisted in the disposal of over 4000 bombs and tons of explosives. He is a charter member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators and among other awards and honors, he was knighted by the Queen Elizabeth II for his role in protecting the British Empire in the Caribbean. Captain Brodie’s experiences arise from his role in developing, adapting, and utilizing a variety of tools for bomb detection, disruption and disposal during his service to the city of Miami, and the counterterrorism community.

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Ref: JPyro, Issue 25, 2007, pp59-59

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