Burning Characteristics of Firework Stars and Lifting Charge

Morimasa Higaki, Dayu Ding, Yuzo Ooki, and Tadao Yoshida

Abstract: Burning experiments were carried out for stars and lifting charge in the air and in a closed vessel. Three types of stars were used, that is, ordinary spherical, half-restricted spherical and hemispherical surface-restricted stars were used as models for flying burning. Partly restricted stars gave longer burning times than the ordinary stars, but not enough to explain the flying burning behavior. This was attributed to the burning of the ignition promoter in the restricted stars. The ratio of the time to maximum pressure to the stationary burning time of stars was about 0.44 and that of the lifting charge was about 0.24, presumably because the burning rate of the stars is smaller than that of the lifting charge.

Keywords: firework stars, lifting charge, burning time, stationary burning, flying burning

Ref: JPyro, Issue 25, 2007, pp28-36

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