Spectroscopic Measurement of Burning Toy Fireworks

Kazuomi Itoh, Dayu Ding and Tadao Yoshida

Abstract: The spectroscopic measurement of sparklers, torches and senko hanabi (Japanese sparklers) was  carried out. The three dimensional spectra of sparklers and torches showed that the peak intensities of the spectra fluctuate with time. In the burning of sparklers, white, titanium, senko and iron sparklers showed mainly the K peak suggesting that the incandescent emission is principally in the visible light area. The white and titanium sparklers showed high K peak intensities compared to other sparklers suggesting the high temperature burning of Al and Ti. Among the tested sparklers the excitation purities of titanium and blue sparklers were relatively low. Regarding torches, the flame, sparks and falls were compared. The K peak intensity of falls was largest compared to other kinds of torches, presumably because the falls contain the energetic aluminum. The purity of the blue torch was exceptionally small. The spectra and photographs of burning sparklers and torches were compared. The fireball and the branching sparks of senko hanabi were recorded using the profiles of K peak intensity of the senko hanabi at two burning locations.

Keywords: toy fireworks, spectroscopic measurement, emission spectra, torch, sparkler, glitter, senko hanabi

Ref: JPyro, Issue 25, 2007, pp14-27

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