Tests for Evaluating the Ignitability of Firework Stars and Compositions

Yasuhiro Sashimura, Mamoru Horiuchi, Hideo Watanabe, Maiko Watanabe, Dayu Ding and Tadao Yoshida

Abstract: A shot test was examined for evaluating the ignitability of cylindrical bare and primed stars. The primed stars were more easily ignited than the bare stars. The ignition limit lift charge was defined and used for evaluating the ignitability. Though the ignition limit lift charges of the primed stars were widely scattered, the order of average ignitability of primed stars was: F > J > D > C > L > G > A > E > H > K > I > B The order of ignitability of bare stars was: blue star > yellow star > purple star > green star > red star. The hot plate and electric match tests were carried out for screening the ignitability of star, prime, lifting charge and bursting charge compositions. Both the test methods may be applied to screen the ignitability of bare star compositions from the other more ignitable compositions though there are rare exceptions.

Keywords: fireworks, ignitability, shot test, hot plate test, electric match test, prime, star, lifting charge, bursting charge

Ref: JPyro, Issue 25, 2007, pp3-13

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