Research on the Most Appropriate Method for the Pyrotechnic Industry To Determine the Sensitivity of Compositions

SUMMARY:  Those of us who work in the pyrotechnic industry have three requirements to obtain data concerning the sensitivity of mixtures:

1) establish the starting point of no-ignition

2) understand the possibility of propagation of the ignition to combustion or explosion

3) clarify the variation of the sensitivity, which is dependent on the materials that we have used for tools

The methods used up to now have not satisfied our requirements.

The sensitivity was determined with a drop test using a steel ball onto a sample placed on an anvil. The sample used was molded as a thin round disk. This method was used to establish the propagation of ignition.

Initially, the experiment was conducted using the up-and-down method so as to compare with that described below. The data obtained on a salute composition did not indicate a normal probability distribution. This method does not give an exact result, without having some prior test data.

Ref: Selected Pyrotechnic Publication of Dr. Takeo Shimizu, Part 2,  pp 39-45

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