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Recycling of Global Consumer Fireworks

Andrew Tang, Andy Y. F. Tang and Paul Z. J. Peng

Abstract: Consumer fireworks is one of the two major fireworks sectors, professional display fireworks and consumer fireworks, in the fireworks industry. It is estimated that consumer fireworks occupy about half of the market share in the global fireworks industry. In terms of packaging materials being used in the consumer fireworks sector, it is definitely true that far more material is being used than in the professional display fireworks sector. This study is a market survey of global consumer fireworks that are on sale in different countries. It was carried out to see what material is being employed in global consumer fireworks and how it is used. The environmental pollution from shooting consumer fireworks is considered from different points of view. Recycling of consumer fireworks has been introduced in China. Innovation in new materials for consumer fireworks is beginning in China.

Keywords: Consumer fireworks, recycling, packaging materials, environmental pollution, breakdown of material, NEC, paper

Ref: JPyro, Issue 31, 2012, pp22-33


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