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UK Fireworks Surveillance for Compliance with ADR and the UN Default Classification of Fireworks

D. Chapman, S. Dennis, B. Joyce, A. C. Donalds and M. J. C. Sime

Abstract: Fireworks compositions have been examined for a range of different fireworks. These compositions have been tested and measured to ascertain compliance (or otherwise) with the United Nations (UN) Default Fireworks Classification Table criteria for UN Hazard Division (HD) 1.4G classification.  Non-compliance with the requirements of UN HD 1.4G criteria have been found. These have constituted exceeding the total net explosive content (NEC), time–pressure rise times of less than 8 ms for non-black powder formulation burst charge compositions, metal based flash compositions being used as burst charge, and greater than 5% flash content in shot tubes. Fireworks that comply with the requirements of the UN default classification scheme have also been found.

Keywords: Compliance, default classification, UN, ADR

Ref: JPyro, Issue 29, 2010, pp40-46

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