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Quantification of Visible Aerosols from Pyrotechnics: The Effect of Relative Humidity

Rene Yo Abe, Yoshiaki Akutsu, Akihiro Shimada and Takehiro Matsunaga 

Abstract: Light transmission and particle size distribution measurements of aerosol (smoke) emissions from pyrotechnic compositions have been performed in a combustion chamber at atmospheric pressure over a wide range of relative humidity. Maximum light extinction over time is proportional to weight of incinerated sample and shows a characteristic curve over relative humidity for each pyrolant. When critical relative humidity is exceeded, a distinct increase in light extinction is observed, which can mostly be attributed to enhancement of the light-scattering efficiencies of submicrometer particles by hygroscopic growth thereof. The proposed measurement method allows humidity characteristics of pyrotechnic smoke emissions to be compared.

Ref: JPyro, Issue 33, 2014, pp65-72-72 (J33-65)

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