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Numerical Simulation and Validation of Pyrotechnic Smoke Emissions

Abdelkarim Habib and Christian Lohrer

Abstract: This paper aims at evaluating the practicability of an alternative strategy for the classical assessment of possible hazards aligned with the use of theatrical pyrotechnics especially at indoor venues, where the emission of solid reaction products (aerosols) is an important factor for permission for the use of pyrotechnics at stage shows. A CFD model was used to calculate the respective aerosol liberation and dispersion in a specific indoor facility. The results from these numerical simulations were compared with respective aerosol number concentration measurements carried out before, during, and after the burn-off of theatrical pyrotechnic fountains in an examination room, representing a small stage or theatre. The simulation results reveal a fair agreement with the experimental results in general, with the trend to conservatively over-predict the aerosol concentrations at close range to the pyrotechnic article. The time dependent increase and decline of the aerosol concentrations due to the ventilation conditions as observed in the preceding experimental studies could be reproduced in the simulations.

Keywords: Theatrical pyrotechnic articles, aerosols, CFD

Ref: JPyro, Issue 31, 2012, pp10-21

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