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Characteristics of the Red Colored Flame of Firework Compositions

Dayu Ding, Daichi Tabata and Tadao Yoshida

Abstract:: Experiments have been conducted varying the oxygen balance of fi rework compositions and adding a chlorine donor to compositions in order to understand how or why a red fl ame is affected by the oxygen balance and presence of chlorine in the composition. The results show that with a negative oxygen balance, i.e., a fuel-rich composition, the fl ame extends longer, so a deep red fl ame is easily formed. The
results also show that strontium containing species SrO, SrOH and SrCl can form a red flame. SrO or SrOH is responsible for a deeper red light, SrCl is responsible for a deepest red color. Emissions due to SrO and SrOH can be diminished by the emissions due to SrCl. For forming a red flame, a favorable chlorine donor is not an oxidant like potassium perchlorate but a fuel like chlorinated gum.

Keywords:firework composition, red colored flame, chromaticity diagram, oxygen balance

Ref: JPyro, Issue 28, 2009, pp51-60

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